Adult Registration


Adult Registration (ages 18 and up)

Team Registration (Click Here To Register A Team)

1. The team fee for a 10 game season, plus playoffs, it will be $500.  Ref fees of $20 per game will be collected by the captains prior to each game.
2. You will need to register a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 16 players.
3. If you are a player or two short, please contact John at Cranberry Dek Hockey and inquire about available free agents.
4. Team registration fee must be submitted before the start of the first game for new teams.
5. Schedules and game times will be made by contacting team captains.
6. By registering a team, the team captain is held financially responsible for the seasons league fees. They are to collect the money from their teammates and make payment by the 3rd game.

7. There is a $50 forfeit fee for any team that notifies the league that they can’t play the day of the game.  This fee must be paid before the start of their next league game.

8. All players must be 16 years or older. No exceptions



Individual ADULT Registration (Click Here To Register an Individual)

If you would like to play but do not have enough for a team, you can register as an individual for $60 a 10 game season, plus playoffs.

Our waiver form can be found here.